Friday, March 30, 2007

Are You Over the Hill? Change your phone!

I am always a sucker for articles about mobile phones, either from newspapers or websites. Every night, when I'm free, one of the usual things I'd probably be doing is web surfing through my usual dosages of phone sites, news feeds and of course, blogs. Anyway, a relative of mine recently told me about this article from Engadget which she thought I would find interesting.

Needless to say, it sure tickled me!

Here's what it said.
"A survey of cellphone users in Australia, conducted by Panorama and released by Nielsen Media Research (*who are they anyway??), has proved what pretty much everyone already knew: people are likely to base broad, stereotypical assumptions about you on your cellphone (*surprise, surprise... I definitely agree), just like they do with everything else you use and wear (*sounds alot like Bruneians). We're guessing this breaks down a bit differently in Aussieland, but here's how mobile users tend to associate down under:

  • Nokia: Family-minded, middle aged managers, balance seekers, health conscious
  • Motorola: Fashion conscious, under 24, fun seekers, individualistic
  • Sony Ericsson: Ambitious young men, professionals, success driven, individualistic
  • LG: Favorite of mums, stay-at-home parents, success driven, harmony seekers
  • Samsung: Young women, career focused, success driven, fun seekers
The upshot of this research is that since most phone service providers rate the same, people are for the most part picking a carrier based on phone selection -- again, we're not exactly floored by the analysis here. Now all that's left is how to pigeon hole HTC and Palm users. We're thinking "good looking, fun loving, Engadget reader" would be a nice start (*Now THIS I totally agree. Says it all about Palm users doesn't it?)".
*comments in italics mine.

Well, whoever Nielson Media is and aside from proving what we all know already, (that people look at your phone as a status thing, whether here in Brunei or other countries, the reality is that people DO look at what you wear, what you drive expecially, what phone you use.... to classify your status. How superficial), this article has definitely amused me in terms of stereotyping what type of user you are based on the BRAND of your phone!

Nokia for middle aged family minded folks?!! LG for mums and stay at home parents?!! Hilarious!!! I can see everyone's faces now. You're probably looking at your phone now and thinking, "Hey, waitaminute, that can't be right".
But then, SE for the ambitious, professionals, individualistic? That sounds about right.
Motorola for fashion conscious and fun seekers? That's spot on!
Samsung for ladies (???) who are fun seekers and career minded? I'm divided on this one. But guys, if you're reading this, and you use a Samsung... I guess its not too late to change, or at least, don't show anyone in Australia you're using this girly brand ok?

But I do think, that if we did such a survey here in Brunei, we'd find quite interesting results that could dispute against this Aussie one. Especially for Nokia users in particular. But it makes you think though, what impression ARE you giving by using the phone you're using now. Any comments?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot off the press!

Just a quick post.

Its now official, according to Nokia's press release (below), the N95 is officially being shipped. I was reading the press release, and it struck me, are we here in Brunei considered a "key Asian" country in the eyes of Nokia? I'm not sure who can answer that, but for a country with a mobile phone population that has potentially outgrown its own human population, I'd sure consider us "key"! But fret not, I'm sure our local shops will be rushing to bring them in as soon as they can.

(Press release) Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced that the Nokia N95 started shipping in key European , Asian and Middle Eastern markets, with expanded shipments to other markets in those regions in the coming weeks. The Nokia N95 is an all-in-one multimedia computer with a unique 2-way slide design, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move.

"The Nokia N95 is the ultimate multimedia computer and a fantastic example of what Nokia Nseries devices can deliver," said Juha Putkiranta, senior vice president, Multimedia, Nokia. "It easily replaces a number of single purpose devices with a well designed package that is with you and connected. The Nokia N95 is what computers have become - personal, powerful and connected devices."

Designed for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) networks and with support for WLAN, EDGE and WCDMA networks, the Nokia N95 provides excellent coverage and connection speeds. Browsing the internet and subscribing to your favourite news feeds is a pleasure using the Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map.

The Nokia N95 offers a well rounded entertainment experience with a sharp color display, built-in stereo speakers, a standard 3.5 mm audio connector and support for compatible microSD memory cards. With powerful 3D graphics, the Nokia N95 has a stunning user interface that makes it intuitive to find the features and services you want.

With its integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application, finding your way just got easier. The Nokia Maps application includes maps for more than 150 countries, enabling users to explore the world, find specific routes or locate services such as restaurants and hotels and covering more than 15 million points of interest. You can also purchase additional features, such as city guides and voice guided navigation.

The innovative 2-way slide design makes it easy to switch between different modes, going from reading maps to watching a video with a simple slide. With Carl Zeiss optics on the 5 megapixel camera, you can capture print quality photos and DVD-like quality video clips.

The Nokia N95 is based on the world's leading S60 software on Symbian OS, enabling you to personalize your device from a wide choice of compatible applications that can be downloaded to the Nokia N95, including games, navigation, entertainment, productivity and creativity.

Moving on... Sony Ericsson has been doing their own thang lately and keeping abreast with the constant changes in the mobile world. They have just announced the releases of two new models. The SE w580 (top) and z750 (bottom).

Apparently, the z750 is almost virtually identical to the z610 in terms of hardware, with a difference that the Z750 is the first phone based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting a range of new Java programming features. I won't mention too much on this. Lets just say, its a simple phone.

The w580 on the other hand, is a minor upgrade tweak of the recent w850 which everyone has been buzzing about over the past few months. According to Gsmarena, "
the Sony Ericsson W580 is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, a 2" 262K TFT display with a QVGA resolution, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and is additionally enhanced by a Memory Stick Micro M2 memory card slot (512MB card included). This quad-band Walkman phone comes with a twist though - besides all the music goodies it also features a pedometer and some sports-oriented applications much like the w710 does"

Just great, they're releasing models that are pretty much the same as the previous model now? Doesn't it sound like the w580 can do exactly what a w850 can do? Nokia's tactics must be getting to them as well. Ok, maybe there is a difference ... the numbering of the model. "850=>580". Ah well, at least it looks cool.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Nokia 6233 review

For those faithful to the brand of Nokia, the older models of 6230 and (subsequently) 6230i would perhaps ring in your memories as one of the best selling Nokias around at the time. When the 6230 was first released, many were awed by the sheer size and fully packed features it offered. It was the ultimate business phone. Until... that is, their owners spent more time with it. Issues with varying memory capacities, poor memory card support, mediocre camera quality and most of all, the nagging center Navi-pad became increasingly hard to ignore.

So what was Nokia’s solution? They upgraded and released a “newer” model, and plonked an “i” at the back. The 6230i was exactly what the 6230 should have been in the first place. It had a better screen resolution, a better camera (1.3 megapixels back then was revolutionary), better memory card support and best of all, the center Navi-pad which (then) featured a “mini-button” to satisfy even the biggest of thumbs! The 6230i sold like hotcakes needless to say, and quickly became a very familiar sight in Brunei. It was an all rounder. To this day, there are still owners of 6230i out there, unwilling to just let go.

Then, in 2Q of 2006, Nokia pulls another hat out of the bag, JUST when you thought they couldn’t possibly improve anymore on the 6230i (or JUST when you were starting to get bored, like me), the Nokia 6233 was launched! The best business phone around? A better improvement from 6230i? I certainly think so. Read on….

1. Physical Aspects / Build quality

  • Available in either Black and Silver grey, the 6233 has a plastic body with a metallic shiny chrome frame and a matt surface finishing on the back. But holding it in my hands, it feels solid and classy. A nice touch by Nokia.
  • The keypad layout is well designed and spaced out evenly, which is good news for those with big hands.
  • The location of the camera sits towards the center at the back, with the camera button at the standard location (towards the center). One look at the 6233 and you would half expect it to be a camera. But then again, I suppose most phones these days now look like cameras anyway.
  • The volume keys are on the top right hand side of the phone, which in my opinion, is ideal especially when you would like to increase / decrease the call volume during a call. Simple, just use your thumb!
  • The memory card slot, located on the bottom left hand side of the phone seems almost invisible, being so small and camouflaged into the body. Here, you will need to use your fingernails to pry out the cover before being able to insert/eject the 64mb micro-SD that is included in the sales package. This could be a problem for some.

2. Display / User Interface

  • Sporting a beautiful TFT display with QVGA (240x320 pixel) resolution, the 6233 looks absolutely gorgeous. Coupled with the last generation of Series 40 platform, I was impressed with the display. I couldn’t stop fiddling around with the menu due to this. You can also mess about with the usual customizable features like wallpapers and themes too, which I found myself doing quite regularly. Also, being a S40 platform, you can view your menu in either grid or list view, depending on your taste. Please note however, it’s exactly the same S40 platform you’d see in the Nokia 6280, 6270 and 6131. So if you're an owner of one of these models, forget about upgrading.
  • The User Interface is typical Nokia. If you’re an existing or even a 1st time Nokia user, you would not get confused with the interface at all. Nokia is arguably one of the best when it comes to user friendliness. You could pretty much start using the phone without reading the manuals at all. Of course, you could argue, at the same time, being so typical Nokia, it’s just plain boring. Overall though, no complaints here.

3. Calls / Messaging

In Brunei, these are perhaps the most used and most important factors in ANY mobile that people look for in this country. Particularly the messaging part. No one talks these days!

  • The 6233 messaging features available are the standard SMS, MMS, email and Push to Talk. There are also features called Flash message (where are messages which simply show on the screen of the recipient, not appearing in the inbox at all) and Audio Message (self explanatory). As Push to Talk is not a service provided by Brunei at all, I will not bother expanding on this. SMS-ing, on the other hand, feels very comfortable with the 6233, with the feedback being just right and all buttons within reach for the average one-handed Bruneian sms fanatic. In a word, its EXCELLENT.
  • Call quality on the 6233 is nothing short of expected. It’s a Nokia remember? Reception should not be a problem anywhere in Brunei. I had no problems with phonecalls either. Conversations between both parties was satisfactory (and loud!). Also, the (now) popular standard feature of loud speakers is by far, one of the best. People around me could hear my whole conversation when I switched on the loud speaker.
4. Multimedia / Camera performance and quality
  • The Music Player on the 6233 does what its meant to do, play midis, mp3’s and wav files. The layout is simple and straightforward. The 6233 is one of the 1st Nokia models sporting “stereo speakers”. Sound quality is definitely louder and clearer than any model before, or after, dare I say. You would not have a problem hearing your ringtones and calls coming in at all. Although. there were a few songs which I tried out, which did seem rather sharp to the ears though, but this could be the mp3 itself. But if you use the included earphones on the other hand, the quality is better, with possibilities to switch the equalizer modes according to your taste. Overall though, it is good enough. Plus, you can have all your songs saved in the micro-SD.
  • Camera wise, photos taken (see provided shots; one taken in the daytime, and the other, at night in a bright room) are average. Capable of taking shots with a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, I would also not solely rely on the 6233 for my printed photos. Camera response is adequate, and you are able to use either the dedicated camera button on the side, or the 5 way navi-pad to snap away. But with the presence of auto-focus camera phone models like the older siblings, n73, n93 or n93i’s or Sony Ericsson’s Cybershot series phones, the 6233 simply fails in comparison. I mean, you can still take decent shots, but just for memory purposes I suppose. Otherwise, use a digital camera.

5. Other features - PIM-based features, Battery life, Connectivity

  • Another current feature that is evident in all Nokias now too, is the Active Standby screen. As mentioned before, with the beautiful screen resolution, you will be able to select which applications you want to be displayed on your standby screen. This ties up with the Calendar feature very well. Being quite a busy person at times, I’ve often found that the Nokia PIM capabilities are amongst the most reliable compared to other brands. Simple and easy enough to set your meetings, calls, birthdays, memos and reminders, you will never miss another appointment. But as I said, Nokia excels in this feature. (Which is still lacking with Sony Ericsson, sadly)
  • Battery life on the 6233 is good, but not great. Being a hardcore SMS user myself, and coupled with the occasional calls throughout the day, I find myself having to charge the 6233 at the end of the night, which shows that roughly 25% is left. This could be an issue.
  • Connectivity wise, with Bluetooth, Infrared, Packet data, data transfer AND USB data cable capabilities available, you would be hard pressed to find any better phone out there to get yourself connected with! My testing with the Bluetooth feature was satisfactory, with transferring of mp3’s, wallpapers and photos going through quite easily. GPRS with the built in browser was also reasonably fast (better than the previous 6230i at least!) but then seriously, who uses these tiny mobile screens to surf anyway?
6. Problems / Issues
  • Battery life is definitely an issue for me. It barely lasted 2 days with a heavy user like me.
  • Being a 3G phone, where’s the front camera?
  • The 2mega pixel camera could be better improved. No auto focus or flash? Disappointing.

7. d3xlabs recommendations

Having used the 6233 for a few days, I really grew to like the solid performer, despite the few nit-picking problems I had with it. But overall though, it is without a doubt, a much better model than the 6230 and 6230i before it. It exudes class, it feels solid and for its price (of roughly BND350-00), you would not be able to find another mobile this feature-packed with other similar priced sets. The Nokia 6233 is definitely ideal for those who want a phone that does a little bit of everything. It’s an all rounder in my books.

So would I recommend it? Yes.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back to reality

Its been a good break. Three days away in Singapore. Take away the travelling time, and I was left with one and a half days worth of free time and shopping. Boy was it madness. I've got a super tired-out body to prove it. And a massage receipt from Pearl Health to match too.

When I left for this trip, I decided that I would try make my blog interesting by posting photos of myself (as a mobile i.e. my Treo!) wherever I went in Singapore, akin to a photoblog story. So, here I began, quite pleased with myself, my first photo taken of my(treo)self in the arrival hall at Changi International Airport. Living proof I did venture out of Brunei. (Disclaimer: all photos taken with camera phones. No digicam's used in this production. Mobile blogs only use mobile cameras remember?)

My second photo. In my previous post, I mentioned I'd be meeting up with my good mate from Singapore, from Hollermobile. We went to this (awesome) place called Brewerks, a German owned "micro-brewery" that just so happens to be a restaurant too. And boy what a restaurant it was! I ordered a rib steak and I think that was the best (ever) tasting steak in my life! I'm not kidding. (But since this isn't a food blog, so I won't dwell too much on this). And of course, as drinks, we had none other than the in-house brewed selections! This photo shows the menu (in black) with what Brewerks calls, a "Sample set". Basically, its a double shot glass worth of every brew variety! Definitely a first for me. To sample about 8 types in one sitting! NICE. (BUT, as this isn't a drink blog, I won't dwell too much on this either!) Needless to say though, we did order a more "manly" volume of the in-house favourite after that. (Manly = 1 jug)

I definitely left the restaurant, after a great time catching up about all things mobile of course, in full gratitude to my mate for this recommendation, and I resolved to make sure that I would visit Brewerks every time I set foot in Singapore.

Right, you may notice that in this second photo, my Treo is somewhat missing. (Yes I was still fully conscious). Ok I'll admit it, I totally forgot to take a snap with my Treo in it! But then again, this photo was taken WITH my Treo, so it would have been impossible anyway.

What I've also failed to mention, is that this was the last photo I took from the whole trip! I had also totally forgot to snap pics of my(treo)self wherever I went!! Geez, I totally suck as a photo blogger!!! In my defence though, it was a very rush trip, I just didn't have the time to even stop to take any photos! But then again, I suppose looking in hindsight, I would've looked rather weird anyway. Imagine stopping along Orchard Road, holding my Treo up in the air, and snapping a photo against backgrounds / malls such as Far East Plaza, Paragon, Takashimaya and the likes. That would SURELY draw many looks from everyone else.

So in the end, all I came back with were more clothes and absolutely nothing mobile related (for myself that is) (unless you consider a pen stylus for Treo 680 a worthy purchase). I did however, bring back a new Treo 680 for a friend, and a Sony Ericsson k610i for my cousin, which I asked my good mate to source for me from there. So all is not lost.

But its just hardened my resolve that I'm absolutely not a photo blogger like many of the excellent local bloggers that we have here. C'mon, my passion's mobiles, not taking photos. But at least I tried right?

Anyway, back to reality now. Just a quick note: 3 potential mobiles for sale.
  • Nokia 9500
  • Nokia 6600
  • Nokia 6630
More details tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Face in the crowd

I really like this image. Saw it from my cuz's blog some time ago. (Sorry cuz I nicked it from ya!) It can be a reflection of whatever you feel. For me, I'm just a regular mobile nut amongst an unsuspecting crowd.

ANYWAY... I've been so busy tweaking my site lately with my (trial) affiliate arrangements with QQestore that I've not been able to update my blog on "all things mobile". Thanks though to those who have supported me for experimenting through my blogsite to order your mobiles. You know who you are!

Looking around this past week, it doesn't look like there's anything exciting coming up really. A friend of mine just told me earlier today, the Nokia N95 will be out on 1st April, which is about 2 weeks away! (Not an April Fool's joke I hope!) But I'm sure Asia's launch would be around the same time too. So, all you Nokians waiting for the highly anticipated N95, your "precious" .... will.... come.... soon...

Oh yes, I must mention as well, I'm off to Singapore tomorrow, till Monday! I can't wait! Its a short trip I know. Oh well. Anyway, in the past, when I return from Singapore, I'm always armed with some new toy or something, but for this trip, I have absolutely no plans to buy anything gadget related. Serious! No mobile catches my eye at the moment anyway. I'm still focused on my Treo 680. (But, I will be bringing back another Treo 680 though! For another good friend. Hey, anything to convert users to Palm Treo)

One of my agendas however, is to meet up with a very good buddy of mine in Singapore who owns his own mobile phone business (please click on Hollermobile under my Mobil3 sit3s link on the right) so you can be sure we'll be catching up on everything mobile. We regularly chat online about the latest releases, our opinions on the current models... the mobile "market" in both Brunei and Singapore... y'know, real men talk. So I'm looking forward to our meeting. Its always great to catch up with him.

So, until Monday, and hopefully I keep to my word on not buying anything mobile related, d3xlabs will be back with more posts and stories to share.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cellphones in Cinemas

In today's paper, the SUNDAY bulletin, there was an article which caught my eye, titled "Cellphones won't work in this theatre". You can read about it here.

What its basically about, is what this theatre in Russia did when they became so fed-up with patrons ignoring their requests to switch off their cellphones during performances, that they bought a device that completely JAMS all signals in the theatre.

In this article, the last straw came when, during a live show, just at the moment when the whole night was coming to its climax... someone's phone rang, and totally ruined the atmosphere. One of the actors even shouted out to the person to turn off the cellphone!

Ok, I know Brunei doesn't have any theatres with musicals or where live actors and actresses get to perform, but the principle is the same. Cellphones in cinemas don't mix!
Can't the average movie goes bloody READ the warnings shown before the movie begins? Are they so uncivilised? Can't they just switch it off or even to "silent" mode? Do they need someone to do it for them??

In my opinion, ALL cinemas in Brunei should invest in such a similar device to jam all signals in the whole cinema. That would really make movie-going a MUCH more enjoyable experience for everyone. I'm sure everyone agrees right?

*Unless, of course, you're one of the usual suspects that commit this act of stupidity, then you better hope we don't meet in the cinemas*
If you are, you better "watch your back"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

d3xlabs New Feature: QQeStore



If you notice, on the right hand column, under my Tag Box "T3xt m3", there are a number of phones displayed. I am experimenting with a new affiliate program with QQeStore, Brunei's largest Online Superstore.

Basically, click on any phone you see listed (I will regularly update this feature) and you will be lead directly to QQeStore's site (also listed under my links section) where you can directly place an order with them, or view whether the phones have arrived on our shores.

With more than 3,000 products sold by QQeStore, I will solely focus on their Mobile Phone products and will be tweaking my blog to compliment this new feature to make it easier for anyone interested in buying any new phones.

QQeStore has one of the most updated variety of phones to choose from, and are constantly improving their products and services. Price wise, they are amongst the most competitive in Brunei, beating other powerhouses like DeeJay, Incomm and WYWY. And best of all, they guarantee the absolute lowest prices in Brunei.

Personally, I've bought many a phone from QQStation myself. And if I didn't have my goal to achieve this year, you can bet I'd probably be their best customer! But for now, I recommend for you, to try QQ.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm not weird, just eccentric...

Many nights ago, I was just reading through some of my daily blog reads, minding my own business, dwelling in my anonymity when SUDDENLY, I came across a tag from Blackdiamonds!


As you can see, my likeness says it all...

The rules are:
"Those who get tagged must post 6 weird things about themselves in their blog and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, you must choose 6 other people to tag"
Ok, before I begin, I'd like to stress, I'm not weird ok? "Eccentric" is a better word.
Here they are, not in any running order or rank, just random eccentric-ness.

  1. I liken my bedroom as my sanctuary, my abode of rest if you like. What that means is that any insect, spider or lizard that catches my eye right before I wander into la-la land, will die a horrible death. I would switch on all the lights, hunt em'critters down, armed with my weapon of choice (newspaper, broken golf club and/or baseball bat) and roam around the room until I catch em, even if it takes me an hour. Then its insect/spider hell for em. Lizards on the other hand, I'd show SOME mercy (since they are totally disgusting to squish), I'd coax em out of my balcony door with my broken golf club. If they refuse to cooperate, I'll give them a heart attack, then just lift them with my newspaper and throw em off the balcony into the night abyss.
  2. Incidentally, I also hate cats. With a vengeance. This all began many years ago, while I was sitting on a bench chatting with my girlfriend, then her cat suddenly walks behind us, and suddenly, my whole back shirt was drenched! The $%!@# cat pissed on me! Since then, I have totally hated those wretched creatures, to the death. *I won't expand too much on examples of what I've done, out of respect for cat lovers out there reading this*.
  3. Like most people in Brunei, reading the local Borneo Bulletin is part of my daily routine. Unlike most people though, for me, I HAVE to be the first person to read the Bulletin, whether I'm at home, or at the office. I absolutely love to read new CRISP and un-creased pages. If someone else has read it before me, I won't even bother reading it.
  4. In my car, while driving, I have a habit of checking my handbrake, headlight switch and power window controls. Handbrakes, obviously they'd be on release otherwise the car wouldn't move. I'd still check it. Many times. Even if the car is stationary or in motion. In the daytime, I'll check the headlight / power window controls to make sure they're OFF and all closed, respectively. At night, I'll check to make sure the headlights are ON. And of course, windows closed. Don't ask me why I do it, I just do. (Applies to being at home too. I follow a routine of checking all doors/windows/switches before I sleep. Like the door lock, I'd check it triple/quadriple times before I'm satisfied and head off to bed)(Unless No.1 above applies)
  5. When I wash up in the morning and at night, I have a preference for my sink's "surrounding area" to be dry and not have water splashed everywhere. Drives me up the wall, it really does. Doesn't help when others in my household do not practice my preference. *HMPH*
  6. And last but definitely not the least, being a mobile blog, there's GOTTA be something weird/eccentric about my passion for mobile phones right? (If you read my earliest posts, you would understand. Just last year alone, I changed about 7 phones in the space of 8 months. Hence why, my goal this year is keep my Treo 680 for a year. I've never been able to hold on to one for that long though. So far so good). I just love the feeling of using a new phone, learning ALL there is to know about the phone (shoving it with ringtones, wallpapers, themes, profiles etc) ... until it bores me..... or if i ever (rarely) drop it (*GASP*), (then I'll lose all interest in it). Call me eccentric, but hey, that's d3xlabs.
Now, to pass on this tag/curse to others.... Nonnie, Jadesimian, Burt, LSM and t3chwh0re.
Um, Blackdiamonds... what happens if its not 6 people? Do I get a discount on that curse? Its not my fault ok, most have already been tagged!

Friday, March 02, 2007

***2nd hand phones for sale***

Just a quickie update.

When I first started blogging, I used to maintain a separate blogsite to advertise 2nd hand phones that are flying around, but I deleted it due to a lack of any traffic to that site.

In any case, I'll just post whatever I hear about right here in my blog, and if anyone's interested, just drop me an email/comment/tag and I'll make sure your queries are answered.


1. Nokia E61 : TWO units for sale. PRICE- $420 each. CONDITION- Very good. AGE: Less than a year.
(Both still under warranty at Incomm)
Reason to sell: Owners looking for new phones.
**********UPDATE************** BOTH SOLD.

2. Nokia 6280 : PRICE- $300, CONDITION- Good, AGE: 1 year.
Reason to sell: Owner looking at new phone.
**********UPDATE************* SOLD!!!

3. Treo 650: PRICE- $200, CONDITION-Fair, AGE: 1 year plus.
***********UPDATE************** TAKEN OFF LIST.

Please drop me a comment at anytime for questions or to view the units. I'll arrange it for you.