Saturday, August 01, 2009

Loving my Storm Trooper....

Ok here it is! My Storm Trooper Bobble Head. (What did you think it was, a new mobile??). I was in Singapore over the weekend, browsing around with my mate TGIF for a conference. During our free time, we stumbled across this toy shop at Suntec City Mall. Having a secret passion for toys & such (esp star wars and such...), I was thrilled when the shop had all the bits and bobs of all things Star Wars (and tons of other stuff)... but I jumped when I saw this. Hmm, this could be a start of a new collection...

Oh yeah, the pics above were taken with my other Storm Trooper, the iPhone 3G S WHITE. Its finally here too.

Storm Trooper invasion

Finally, my Storm Trooper has arrived. And I love it.

More details soon!