Sunday, December 23, 2007

Season's greetings

I'd just like to wish all friends and readers a very Blessed Christmas 2007 and happy holidays. The end of year is fast approaching. What better time to spend with family and close friends, and reflect on the year that has passed.

I'd like to share this with you all.
Photo taken with my new Nokia N95 8Gb. A photo of a cake tastefully made / created at a local bakery in Kiulap.

And the N95 8Gb? I bought it about a week ago, as a Birthday/Christmas gift to myself (I had to. No one else would risk buying me a phone. Can you blame them?) Been snapping away at anything and everything. Certainly living up to its title as the best phone in the market today. Read here at AAS for an in-depth review.

Anyway, I've decided, for my new year resolution, this N95 8Gb has to last me till my next birthday. (Next December obviously). I've already got bets against me on this, and even friends lining up to buy it off me should I ever decide to sell. But, I have to be focused. One y-e-a-r. Yup, only 357 days to go...

Blessed Christmas to everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

d3xlabs is back online!

I'm back. Back online. Someone must have read my previous post. Today is the 11th Dec 2007. I applied for my espeed on 1st Dec 2007. Not bad, a full 10 days to do it. So they DID mean it when they said two weeks. What's with the two month crap then? The vendor came this afternoon to set it all up, and once I plugged in my new Apple Airport extreme, I was ready to roll! C'mon Telbru! Service, SERVICE!...

I have so many phones to update here. Since I've been MIA, so many new phones have popped up too! Nokia with their Eseries E51's, Nseries N95 8 Gb's, N82's, N81 8Gb's.... Sony Ericsson with their w910's and slew of other similar product line ups, Motorola with the new V8 Razr 2, which I MUST say looks absolutely stunning and even my personal favourite brand, Palm with the Centro, which isn't rumoured to be a GSM version yet.

Nevertheless, first up, business first.... should you get a Nokia 6500 Classic or Slide? Find out in my next review!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Withdrawal symptoms

My apologies for the seemingly long silence. Its been a hectic past few weeks. Flying to Hong Kong twice within three weeks for work, then preparing for a big wedding within my family ... and at the same time, juggle a house move. Yup, a house move.... I've just moved into a new place but the problem is, i haven't got my broadband set up yet!

I do have a bone to pick though. Telbru's just launched a new promotion on the new espeed package which I thought would be an opportune time to apply for my new place. But what happens? I submit my application, then I'm told because of the area I'm staying in, they will "try" to set up "within two weeks", otherwise, it will be in February to March.

Did you read that?

FLIPPING FEBRUARY to MURDEROUS MARCH!!!! That totally got me quite ruffled. C'mon, if you say all your "lines" are fully booked, then why the heck did you advertise this fancy smancy promotion then!?!?!

Ridiculous.... thats all I gotta say. And so, my waiting journey begins. Even as I type this, its 1.00am and I have to come to a cafe to surf. How sad.

BUT, to keep me occupied, I've got two friends keeping me busy... let me introduce you. The pictures aren't fantastic, but in such a dimly lit cafe, their respective camera flashes were blinding.

A Sony Ericsson P1 and a Nokia N95 8Gb.

Ahhh, with friends like these, my wait for espeed won't feel that bad... I hope.