Monday, November 27, 2006

User breakdown

Since I started this blog, strangely I've developed a keen awareness of the phones that people use around me, friends or strangers. Whether I'm at work, out for lunch, out at the Mall walking around or having tea at a cafe, I would instinctly notice the phones people use. (I can't help it ok?!)

You may not believe it, but phones are usually indicative of the type of user the owner is.

For example, if I see a person with the ever popular Nokia 3310 (yes, they're still around today believe it or not) or a Nokia 1112 (pictured), then it tells me that the owner's probably a simple user, or a simple person, with absolutely no care about phones and that they just use it mainly for calls and sms-ing.

If I see a person using a Sony Ericsson k750i (pictured) or Samsung (hey, all Samsungs have cameras), or any Nokia Nseries phones, then it tells me that the owner, is an image user. Sometime in his / her daily life, he / she appreciates taking the odd snaps here and there. (Although, having said that, these days almost all phones have cameras.) But still, the more serious users are noticable too, they sport SE w810's, SE w900i's, SE k800i's, Nokia N80's, Nokia N73's, N93's and so on.

On the other hand, if I spot a person using the Sony Ericsson w800i, SE w550i, Nokia N91, Nokia 5300 (pictured) and so on, then it means that the owners are music users. Everywhere they go, they need to have music plugged in, at work, out walking, at the gym, in the car, at school. Music is their life. Heck, I know people who can't work or study without some sort of music in the background! (I personally can't) But, there are alot out there.

Then, there are the multimedia users. They NEED their phones to have E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Cameras (high mega pixel-ed ones at that too!), mp3 players, wifi (which they probably end up not using much), video capabilities, games, email, 3G... Sort of like the Sony Ericsson p990i (pictured) or even the Nokia N80. Usually, these users won't even use half the features they have on their phones. It always ends up being "nice to have".

And then lastly comes, the business users. They're easy to spot. Usually yuppies, bosses or IT-savvy people. Smartphones, as they're known as now, like these are growing in use in the market now. HP 6965 (pictured), Nokia E61, Nokia 9500, the whole Treo range, the whole O2 range, the whole Dopod ranges and even the SE p990i can be considered one. The users of these ranges usually have "requirements" for their phones. QWERTY Keyboards (or not), wifi (or not), cameras (or not), mp3 players, connectivity capabilities, Emails, tweakable softwares and probably the most important features, fully integrated Calendars and Office functions. Their devices basically run their life, their whole schedules, their budgets, their expenses, their reports, powerpoint presentations. Users like these will not tolerate the simple, the image, the music or multimedia users. They don't care about those features. All they care about is the business of making $$$. And they should too, smartphones don't come cheap.

I've not mentioned the other users like fashionistas and gamers. Fashionistas use (useless) phones like the Motorola v3's (all colours), v3i's, v3x's, KRZR's, LG Chocolates, Samsung x820 (pictured), Nokia 8series, Vertu's (though expensive, they suck functionwise) and so on. Not to offend anyone, but these phones don't do anything to improve your life other than make you look good. (I should know, I owned a Nokia 8800 once) Gamers, on the other hand, are those who use N-gage series mainly. Another useless range. Wanna play games? Get a PSP or Nintendo DS Lite.

In the end, I'm pretty sure everyone falls under one of these categories. If you think you don't, it means you probably don't own a phone. You're a rare breed too if that were the case. For myself personally, I liken myself to be a business user now. I didn't start out as one though. I started as a simple user back in the day. Then I progressed onto multimedia and now, to business. Nothing matters more to me now then having my one device to handle it all. "Everything else is just a toy" really.

Seeing all the phones that are out now, its become a jungle out there. Buyers have just TOO many choices! Its become such a big market, this business of phones. Too many brands out there. What happened right? What happened to just using phones to make calls? What happened to phones to just be "contactable"? Well, I don't know about you, but I sure ain't complaining! All you need to decide on, is what kind of user you are. Easy.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

You think you're fast?

Reading the papers today, I came across an article titled "Which is the most SMS-friendly phone?".

It was an article based on a research done in Singapore. Using models from the top 5 market leaders, (not in order of ranking mind you) Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and LG, a panel of 5 testers were used, each familiar with the text messaging interface of one phone brand. (Which is fair). They had to type in a message used from the recent new Guiness World record (incidentally, won by a 16 yr old Singaporean chap), "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human." Given 15 mins to "practice", the first with predictive text on, then another off, none of them came even close to the world record of 41.52 seconds. (Other factors that make SMS-ing a pleasure like softness of the keypad etc, was also noted)

Here are the models:

1. Nokia 6288.
Text time: T9 off: 1 min 59 secs. T9 on: 1 min 19 secs.

2. Motorola KRZR K1
Text time: T9 off: 2 mins 33 secs. T9 on: 2 mins 44 secs

3. Sony Ericsson k610i
Text time: T9 off: 2 mins 54 secs. T9 on: 1 min 9 secs

4. LG KG810
Text time: T9 off: 3 mins 2 secs. T9 on: 2 mins 25 secs.

5. Samsung SGH D900
Text time: T9 off: 2 mins 26 secs. T9 on: 1 min 8 secs.

There were other details included in the article which I won't mention like what's good about their respective predictive text "systems" like T9 in Nokia, iTap in Motorola etc. But its clear here who the real winner is, the Nokia 6288.

Just for fun though, I thought to myself, I wonder what my time would be if I were to test my Treo 750v against this challenge.

So, here's what I did: -
- I gave myself time to familiarise myself with the sentence. (C'mon, its not exactly language you'd use in your daily vocabulary right?!) I didn't need 15 mins though, probably 2-3 mins?
- With my prepared stop watch in front of me, I gave myself 3 tries to see what my average / best time would be.
- The results - 1st try: 45 secs, 2nd try: 44 secs and 3rd try: 43 secs.

Yup, I arrived at a conclusion that if I had more tries, I would eventually lower my time, but still, it wouldn't be enough to beat the 16 yr old with his 41.52 secs record. But then again, HE wasn't using a QWERTY keyboard was he? That sure earns my respect though.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First impressions of the SE w950

I was at DeeJay, Gadong last night, browsing around, as usual, at what the latest releases from all brands were. Nothing really stood out. While I was there though, another customer, a middle aged man, was in the process of buying the new Nokia 3250 XpressMusic edition.

My initial reaction was like, "Wow, its white" until I realised, that's probably the only major change that this "new" Nokia release had again.

*Rolls eyes* Here we go again.

But, the customer was very happy with his purchase. I could see it on his face. The shop assistants even helped to download some mp3 songs into the set for him, which made the guy even more pleased. So yeah, here I am dissing the new Nokias wondering why no one else can see this Nokia-pulled-another-fast-one tactic like I do, and there are people out there buying them. That's marketing for you.

Anyway, back to browsing I went. I spoke to the supervisor, a guy I know (from my previous phone purchases obviously), and asked him what else has been released lately. He showed me the SE w950 on display. So of course I just HAD to take a closer look. The supervisor then whipped one out from his pocket! He is a proud owner himself! (I should mention he's also an owner of the Nokia 8800. BUT, let's not go there right...)

ANYWAYS, there I was, inspecting it for the first time, wondering what's the big deal about this Nokia N91 competitor. It was quite light, very nice to hold in my big hands and felt quite solidly built too. I was impressed. Until I tried switching it on. I didn't know HOW to! Every button I pressed did nothing! I thought, "Ok, this is a SE phone, its probably a * to unlock type". True enough, it was. Moving on, with that out of the way, I was faced with the "Today" screen whilst the keypads lighted up in white (to match the phone's matching exterior hints of orange I suppose). Not bad I thought. But, as I stood there, I began wondering how the heck to start navigating around. The keypads had no obvious button to press like "Menu" or "Ok". Just the Walkman button on the left, another Walkman button in the middle (this apparently works as a Play/Pause function) and "C" (Clear) button on the right, with the obvious numeric keypad below. Ok, maybe I'm just not familiar with SE's new Symbian OS. Then I remembered, "oh yeah, this thing has a touchscreen". Eventually, I did discover where the menu button was and again, for a couple of seconds, just couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do next. I decided to try the messaging function, (as I always do on any phone, since I'm quite a hardcore texter). The guy did not switch on his T9 feature so I couldn't really type out anything much, nor had the chance to use the stylus to write anything either since I had to give it back. He WAS standing there in front of me ok?

I think, to review it better, I would definitely need to have it a bit longer than 5 minutes (I'm working on that). BUT, my first impressions of it is that its "just OK". I'm just not comfortable with the Symbian User interface. (It strangely reminded me of when I tested the SE p990i too. Both use the same OS btw). I also didn't have the chance to try out the highly recommended Walkman feature, but I'm sure its good. SE's just kill the competition in this arena.

Anyways, I still doubt I'd buy it personally. Why would I right? I'm hooked on the dark side.

Just a quick mention though, a cousin of mine just bought a 2nd hand SE w810i yesterday (which I had been advertising around) He texted me today saying he absolutely loved the phone with the gorgeous screen resolutions. Having been a hardcore Nokia for so long now, he finally decided to make the switch since this SE was a good deal not to miss. Its not surprising though, to know that he'll probably never go back to Nokia again. I'm don't blame him.

Lastly, if you're a TreoNut, some good news for you. The unlocked version of the new Treo 680 will starting shipping on 01Dec06! Treocentral has updates here with links to too. So those of you waiting since forever, its finally coming! Likely to be a Christmas release too! Just in time I'll say!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What's new in Nov06?

Having previously been an avid Nokia fanatic for so many years, vowing to support their every product, then only recently discovering the beauty of Sony Ericsson, I still tend to keep a close eye on their new products.

NOT that I plan to change anytime soon mind you!

November 2006. Sadly, Nokia has done another marketing gimmick through their releases, whilst SE has evolved through theirs. As pictures speak more than a thousand words, here they are.

Nokia N91 (8Gb), Nokia N73 Music Edition, Nokia N70 Music Edition and Nokia N80 Internet Edition.

"Ooooh.... Ahhhhh......"

Reading up on their "new" specs and features, I can't help but notice that really, the only major difference worth mentioning is the COLOUR! The N91 for example, C'mon, already its not a very popular model here, and they now release an 8Gb one?! As for the N70 and N73, music editions? And an Internet Edition N80?! What gives?! What's the difference with the current ones? (Note: There is now a "special black edition" of the N70 also just out recently *rolls eyes*)

I just can't comprehend what Nokia's strategies are lately. Releasing "new" models with refurbished outer casings. Pathetic. I wouldn't recommend any of these to anyone and I fail to see any reasons why existing owners would want to switch. Having said that though, it might be targeted at new buyers, SO, unless: (1) You're looking for a new phone which happens to be one of these models, (2) You happen to think that black is the best colour in the world, (3) You don't mind paying a bit more than the current (good enough) editions and (4) You don't really want to invest in extra memory cards since now the-higher-capacity-memory-cards-come-as-standard, then.... Knock yourself out, run out there to get one.. NOW!

Moving on, Sony Ericsson w710i and Sony Ericsson w950...

Now THESE are what I would call "new" models. Two greatly evolved releases from SE.

The SE W710, is targeted at the sporty and active. (A quote from SE's site) "Inside the w710i is a motion sensor. Based on the movements the sensor detects, the fitness application measures time, speed and distance when you run. It also includes a step counter for walking. Your results are stored in your phone so you can monitor your progress". Impressive. In the package, you also get a specially designed Sports belt clip, a Sports armband and Stereo Portable Handsfree! Now THIS is what I call thinking about the user. As a gym rat (almost), I see scores of people at the gym doing their thang with iPods dangling from their arm bands. I'm pretty sure that they had to spend that little bit more for that accessory. If only they waited for this beauty of a w710i.

The SE w950, on the other hand is no stranger to many. Having been previewed some many months ago, it was touted as the Nokia N91 killer. 4Gb memory built in, lighter-than-the-brick-of-the-N91, touchscreen (!)... need I say more? Mobile-review has done a fair review here and GSMarena here. GSMarena ended by saying the w950 is a great smartphone, a great phone and a great music player. I guess that about sums it up doesn't it? So, if you're either a sports freak or a music buff who wants to carry just one device instead of a phone and a little "white thing", then maybe you should consider these delectable offerings from SE.

SUPPOSING it was December now, and I am debating what to ask for for Christmas, and I was given these choices from Nokia and SE, I know I would have my mind pretty much made up. Have you? December's around the corner mind you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


While browsing through my blog earlier, looking at what other ways I can tweak my site to be more "pleasant to the eye", something just occurred to me. My blog's slowly becoming a Treo blog!

How odd! Almost like an eclipse of the Sun, slowly and surely disappearing out of sight. I suppose its a mark of being totally immersed in the dark (treo WM) side now. My attention's been so focused on the Treo, that I've totally ignored what the other brands have been releasing.

Over the next few blogs, I will try and hunt down what new meaty morsels are out there that are worthy of mention. I have come across a few good reviews out there of various models though BUT I think that doing a personal review in-hand would be more interesting. Well, thats a plan I aim to achieve over the next few months.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Vaja iVolution for Treo 750v

Here it is! My new Vaja iVolution Treo 750v case. FINALLY.

After tracking it online on a daily basis, then pestering the FedEx folks on the local end here today, I finally have it in my hands. Its beautiful. I'm glad I played safe and settled with the Black colour, rather than go for the other fancy customizeable colours out there like Lemon, or Sky Light. Black's just perfect for the V. Makes it look ultra professional. Here are some pics.

I gotta admit though, my pictures just don't do the case any justice. (It looks way better in real life. Take my word for it). I also decided against taking photos of the box it came in. (Hey, its just a pure white box with Vaja symbols. You wouldn't see much from a photo of a white box honestly)

A quick review:
Taking it out of the box, almost instinctly, I just had to take a whiff of that new Argentinian leather smell. AHHHHHH...... It was so reminiscent of my old Treo 650 iVolution and my (current) wallet when they first came too. There's just something about new leather isn't there? (Maybe its just me.)

Holding it in hand, the first thing I noticed is the cool Vaja symbol on the top right hand corner. Simple and elegant. The iVo feels very sturdy and solid on its own. "Semi-rigid frame" a little instruction paper says in the box. I totally agree.

The inside of the iVo was lined with a nice soft leathery material with the word "Vaja" strewn all across. Classy. Coupled with the soft touch of the 750v's body, it should prove quite difficult to even budge a centimetre from its holdings. So no complaints here.

Almost immediately, I slid in my 750v into its new case. It was a perfect and tight fit. It really complemented the V very well, not adding too much bulk to the original shape with all buttons within reach.

The "Ringer on/off" toggle at the top is exposed but does not stick out at all. The side volume buttons are easily within reach too.

At the back, with the camera behind, it just seemed to peer quietly through the cutout from the back of the iVo, contented with its new protected state maybe. However, the tiny mirror above the camera for self-portraits is totally blocked now by the iVo. Perhaps, the designers felt 750v users wouldn't bother with that feature anyway. They're probably right.

As for the speakers (front and back), both were covered by a chrome mesh, not obstructing any sounds at all. I made a few calls with the iVo on. There were no problems hearing the other person speak. In fact, it almost felt more "comfortable" with the iVo on my ear, like an added cushion.

For me though, the best part is that the iVo does not interfere with the keyboard functions of the 750v at all. Unlike the previous iVo for Treo 650, where the sides tended to stick out making it difficult to press letters at the side, this iVo does not restrict in that way at all. Excellent.

Overall, holding and looking at the iVo in my hand, I can really tell that I'm holding a total quality premium product. I would, without a doubt, recommend for anyone to invest in Vaja's for their smartphones (or even wallets) if they don't mind spending a little bit.

I hope this review helps.

Friday, November 10, 2006

d3xlabs hands on with the V

Work's been a bit hectic as of late. Deadlines to meet, reports to higher management, forecasted projects to plan for. Sure I'm making noise about it now (cos it leaves me pretty drained by the end of the night; meaning I can't update my blog!) but, I do enjoy my job. Yeah, you read it right. Everyday's a new challenge, everyday's got something fresh to look at. I guess its the nature of my day job.

BUT, I will say this. Having my 750v for 2 weeks now (who's counting anymore right?) I gotta say I couldn't have handled my hectic schedule any better without it! LOVE my treo. Its my day warrior. My personal secretary. I've been wanting to blog this the past few nights, but as usual, the mind was willing, but the flesh was weak. You have no idea how much more you can achieve with a Treo. (yea, yea... the sceptics amongst us would argue that holding a cheapo $100 phone, a digital camera, a notepad and a pen would have pretty much the same effect. Rather than slag those type of people down, I'll just say this, "To each his own")

So here it is, complementing the treo-godfather's take on 750v, a story of my own.

The first thing in the morning, SPB TIME jolts me awake with the loud customizeable mp3 tone I've set. (Importantly, its got "snooze". Ahhh, the best creation in the world if you ask me)

So, after my usual morning routines, I'd settle down to enjoy my oatmeal breakfast, and the TREO is my usual morning companion, telling me what I need to do for the day.

These days, ALL my appointments and schedules are logged into my treo, whether its a meeting at work, a lunch appointment, a reminder to pick up or pass sthg (like a phone) to someone, whether its a bill to pay, what groceries to buy for the house.... you get what I mean.... yup, its ALL in my treo. I can't give any more excuses on missing any appointments or forgetting anyone's birthday now. (The dispensation of course, is if I actually OVERLOOK entering the data INTO my treo). I use Pocket Informant 2007 as my calendar application now. Highly rated with numerous awards from various pocket pc outfits. Hey, with a tag line of "Bring back order into your life. Need to see beyond Today?", who can argue against that?

At meetings, when everyone else is holding on to notepads and pens, there I am armed only with my Treo. I have an arsenal of weapons under my (thumb) control that others are not even aware of (My plan to treo-ize the office has not hatched yet). I've got my Word Mobile, or Notes, to choose from to take down notes, or action points which I need to look into. I've got Excel Mobile to look at reports which I've saved into my 1Gb mini-SD card. Of course Pocket Informant is there when I need to look at calendars or set a date / schedule for another meeting. I've got a Calculator. Heck, I can even record voices if wanted to. In my office, if it gets too quiet, (or ironically if I need to focus when it gets too noisy), when others have their iPods plugged in, I've got my Windows Media Player to keep me satisfied. I can even watch movies with it if I wanted to! But hey, I don't get paid to watch movies at the office.

By the time I'm on my way home, the Treo's not even half as tired as I would be. Battery life's good with usually slightly over a quarter drained after a long day.

At home, with my kids still in their early years, the camera / video on my Treo is more than enough to quickly snap those "kodak moment" shots. Good thing they can pose pretty well at such a young age too! And even they know my Treo has photo albums stored which they can view photos of themselves after each shot. And with my 1Gb mini-SD, space is NOT an issue at all. Here are some samples of the camera quality. Perhaps not the best, but hey, if you want clear print copies, use a digicam. 750v's camera is ideal though for thumbnail shots to attach to my contacts, which I have on my "Today" screen (just one of the cool features of the 750v)

At night, when the family's asleep, and I want to enjoy a quiet moment alone, who's with me? My treo of course! I've got TCPMP for WM installed as well in my Treo. Meaning, I can now watch full featured movies in any format. I've enjoyed many an episode of Top Gear from my Treo and even watched a full movie on it before.

In the weekends
, as I usually attend my regular church services, even there my Treo doesn't fail me. I've installed PocketBible, with various editions for comparison too. Searching for any books or verses has never been any easier. Coupled with Word Mobile, I'm also ever ready to take down notes.

All this time, I've talked about only the functions I use on a daily basis. (Note: I don't usually play games on my Treo). I have also not mentioned other Treo features such as the phone, the sms/mms/email OR the internet features. They are simply amazing to say the least. No complaints. Phone call quality is clear with great reception. Threaded chat for sms's is FANTASTIC, (c'mon... tell me, what better feature IS there out there?) For email, my Gmail is currently set up for quick downloads too at a push of a button. I've also installed Windows Live messenger and Verichat on my Treo, (which I'm currently testing now). MSN all day long... yup, you get the picture.

It has really been so easy using my Treo, the "one device to rule them all". This is truly the only device anyone will ever need. Being a Palm OS user, now Windows Mobile, I won't influence you on which OS you should or should not use, but I will say this, Get a Treo. My brother in Australia has recently bought a Treo 650 too (which I FULLY recommended of course). Last I heard, he absolutely loves it. I keep telling him, he has not discovered the full potential of his Treo yet. I'll have to sort him out when he gets back here on holiday soon.

Last but not least, all I'm waiting for now, is for tangible protection for my Treo. My Vaja iVolution is on the way! Been tracking it online past couple of days now. Its flying around somewhere in US as I blog this. Once it arrives, my Treo will be c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cases for protection - revisited

Over lunch with some mates yesterday, one of them had a leather case for his Nokia e61 which caught my eye. (All this talk on cases lately left me rather "alert" on what else people are using out there for their smartphones). Needless to say, I asked to have a look.

In short, I was impressed. It was a nice fit for the e61. It did not add any extra size to the device like many other cases have the habit of doing. Inside, the e61 sits quite comfortably in place and there were a couple of extra pockets for SD cards and credit cards too. Outside, the soft leather flap covers the e61 well, with a little magnetic clasp that secures the e61 within. On the back, the clip used was very similar to the ones used with Vaja's. On the website (above), the price of this is about Euro 39.99. My mate did say it set him back about $110 door to door. Which works out together with the shipping costs. Not bad.

And sure enough, he also asked me to consider it for my Treo 750v too, but another mate there commented that I'm a more a Vaja guy. How true. But actually, I explained, that cost wise, Vaja's aren't that much more costly than this Noreve. Its just a matter of preference now isn't it? Argentinian or French, what's the difference? BUT, given that the Noreve case for 750v is almost identical to the one you see here, I knew it's just not for me. I'm not a fan of flaps 'n such. I like my cases straightforward with nothing obstructing the view from the main screen. Call me old fashioned, but hey, that's me.

BUT, I will reveal now, that I DID decide on spending a bit to invest in protecting my 750v asset.... a BLACK Vaja iVolution case for the 750v, without clip. Couldn't resist it. So, when I do get it in a couple of days, I'll post up some pics. (Note: Yes, its the same one you saw on my previous post. What a beauty!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cases for protection

I have this neighbour who owns a BMW M3, beautifully white with huge black-sprayed rims with minor hints of modifications not noticable to the eye. A fine and true ultimate driving machine.

Everyday I see it purr by as she (the M3) arrives back safely in sheltered holding of her garage. (Why "purr"? Hey, you don't expect it to roar by in high speed accelerations in my quiet neighbourhood do ya?!). Everyday I also see it sparkling oh-so-shiny clean. Why? Because the owner, washes his car lovingly at the end of every single day. I'm serious. No miss. He's a locally known (and quite popular) hairstylist who's establishment is located very nearby in an extremely busy commercial hub. So yes, he can afford such a luxury that many people salivate just talking about.

I tend to understand how he feels though. Hey, I would if I owned my dream car, the very notorious, very evil Subaru STI. Not very expensive, but unfortunately, not practical for someone in my current circumstances. (But that's another story altogether....)

Meanwhile, I DO own my dream phone! (Ahhh... you see where this is heading....) No I don't wash it every single day as it purrs back home with me after a long day. (Does cleaning count though?!). BUT nevertheless, I do want to protect my 750v. I've been researching as to what sort of casings or pouches there are available at the moment. There are a number out there. Famous known brands like Krussel, Brando, Proporta, Piel Frama and Vaja, to name a few. As I don't currently own the whole range of cases / pouches mentioned, other than the Vaja T65 for my previous Treo 650, and the Krussell case that came with treo-godfather's unit which was included in the package from Singapore, I can't personally give a dedicated review on each of the other brands I mentioned above. Otherwise I'd be biased. Just remember, when choosing a case, its basically down to what you would want. A nice form fitting type, a vertical slip-in type, a horizontal slip-in type or a booklet opening type (like the Proporta above).

But then, maybe I am biased, having previouly owned the Vaja T65, and even now using a Vaja wallet I specially ordered. Nothing beats a Vaja. The Gadgeteer says, "... if you want the best fitting case on the market, you want a Vaja iVolution case. They are the ultimate in look, feel and fit. Problem is that they are also expensive with a capital E....". I truly agree. They're not cheap, but they are the absolute BEST in terms of quality. They are fully customizeable too, with colours, clip selections and even name engraving. Feeling loud? Try Lemon on Orange? Different? Try Light Sky with Chocolate? Bling Bling? Try White with white. Color blind challenged? Try Rossa with Olive. Check out the Vaja link above and you'll get what I mean.

Here's a pic of the new iVolution for 750v. Those of you owners out there, or potential owners, you should seriously consider one if you can afford it.

Anyways, here's a pretty good comparison review from Geekzone NZ between the Vaja iVolution and Proporta for Treo 750v. Check it out.