Saturday, May 10, 2008

More leaked news: Nokia E66, E71 & a SE P5.

Just browsing around my usual sites of choice, I bumped into this very interesting piece of info. More indications that the Eseries - E65 and E61i upgrades will be released this year. At this point, specs wise, its not confirmed yet, but here are some pictures as teasers, courtesy of here and here.

Nokia E66
Nokia E71

Elsewhere in the mobile world, Sony Ericsson is also rumoured to release a Sony Ericsson P5. Looking at the photos, it seems that its an integration between the W910i and the M600. This should be interesting.

And suddenly, there are new goals and visions to look forward to again. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely gunning for the E71. Tick tock, tick tock....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

DSTCom launches 3.5G

The time has finally come, DST has launched the new HSDPA network supporting 3.5G for data streaming and all related services. (And of course, the GO! Broadband services. But this is a mobile blog so we'll just talk about phone stuff). Click here at DSTCom's website or the press release from the Borneo Bulletin for more information. You can also read anakbrunei's coverage on it here. I wish I could have been there to attend the launching but I was outstation last weekend.

But anyway..... "its about time DST!!!"

When Bmobile launched their network couple of years back, it was a crazy scramble to get the lines to test out the data streaming and maybe for some, the video calling capabilities. But to date, I'm not sure how to take up has been for Bmobile, but I heard of numerous people using it just for data. I guess holding on to 2 lines is a bit too much for most people. I don't blame them. Personally, one phone is more than enough to fit into my pockets, much less two.

Having just returned from overseas, I decided today to pop over to a DST counter to change my sim-card so that I can enjoy (or experiment) with these new services. (Sure other countries have been on this bandwagon for quite a while now, but like I said, its about time DST!!!). As expected, Gadong Properties was jammed packed with cars and parking was close to impossible to find. But nothing could prepare me for the shock after pressing the button for my number. I was "4428" out of "4201". I was speechless! I mean, this is a Tuesday afternoon and what is everyone doing out?! Doesn't anyone work on Tuesdays?!

Needless to say, I saw no point in queuing and left. I think I'll go back when the novelty dies down a bit.

Oh well my Nokia 6120 Classic, it looks like its just you and me for a while more. No new services to try out just yet. Bummer...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Nokia: Beautiful to use

Well well well, yet another round of releases from our friends at Nokia.

Here's announcing the release of the "Beautiful to use" series; the Nokia 6600 slide, Nokia 6600 fold and Nokia 3600 slide.

Specifications - Nokia 6600 slide
  • Made of high gloss materials
  • A built in accelerometer which allows you to double tap to snooze an alert, "silent" or reject a call. The Nokia 8800 Arte series which I reviewed here first introduced this technology.
  • Based on the S40 user interface with a QVGA 2.2-inch 16M color TFT display.
  • A 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera
  • Sports a FM radio and some dedicated music keys
  • 3G, has the usual connectivity options, standard in all Nokias today
  • Comes only in black.

Specifications - Nokia 6600 fold
  • Supposedly the flagship of the trio according to Nokia.
  • Clamshell form factor which offers a one-click electromagnetic opening mechanism with dampened hinge for smooth motion
  • Also has the same built in accelerometer as the Nokia 6600 slide
  • Made from high gloss materials
  • Based on S40 user interface with a QVGA 2.13-inch 16M color OLED display
  • A 2 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash
  • Comes in Mysterious Black or Sophisticated Purple colour variants.

Specifications - Nokia 3600 slide
  • A Slider form factor body with again, high-gloss materials.
  • Based on S50 user interface with a 2.2-inch QVGA 16M color TFT display
  • A 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera
  • The first-ever Nokia handset to feature Background Noise Cancellation for superior sound quality.
  • A 2.5 mm standard audio jack which also serves as a TV-out port.
  • Non-3G phone with the standard connectivity options.
  • Comes in Charcoal and Wine colours.
All 3 models are due to be released in 3Q08. So, hold on to your savings if any (or all) of these new releases appeal to you.